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PubMed Central. Questionnaires were distributed to professionals of both cities, arguing on the following issues: oral health during pregnancy; contact between prenatal care and dental care providers; prenatal fluoride supplementation; selection of therapeutic agents for local anesthesia, pain control and treatment of infection; and dental procedures that can be performed during each trimester.

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Among 39 blood donors with positive serology for HIV, 12 Among the donors with negative serology for HIV, these markers were detected in 8, This study aimed to analyze factors associated with participation in sports and physical education. The study analyzed participation in sports and physical education in relation to socio-demographic, behavioral, and environmental variables.

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Factors associated with participation in physical education included: male gender, age yearsequal to high self-rated physical activity, participation in sports, moving around during classes, and having classes on the court. These factors should be considered in programs to encourage sports and participation in physical education.

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Emission of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from diesel engine in a bus station, LondrinaBrazil. Tavares, Moacir; Pinto, Jurandir P. The concentrations of vapor phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs were measured at the Central Bus Station of Londrinawhere only diesel-powered vehicles circulate. The samples were collected within a period of 24 h for 14 consecutive days in January Ten PAH compounds were found naphthalene, acenapthylene, acenapthene, fluorene, phenanthrene, anthracene, fluoranthene, pyrene, benzo a anthracene and chrysene.

The average concentrations ranged from 1.

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The species that presented higher concentration were phenanthrene The PAHs with two and three rings were responsible by The concentrations of PAHs were lower on Sunday in comparison with the workdays, due to the reduction of bus traffic in the station. Correlations and principal component analysis with Varimax rotation were used to estimate the local PAH emission source profile originating from the diesel exhaust. Prevalence of self-reported vocal problems was Vocal disorders affected one in four primary schoolteachers and were associated with various characteristics of the teaching profession both structural and work-related.

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All participants answered the questionnaire regarding the sociodemographic characteristics. Although this study revealed a low seroprevalence of HEV infection in the population evaluated, the showed that this virus is circulating among the population from LondrinaSouth Braziland point out the need of further studies to define the clinical and epidemiological importance of HEV infection and to identify additional risk factors involved in the epidemiology and pathogenesis of this infection in this population.

This was a prospective observational study using systematic non-participant observation.

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From July to Juneall the posts in the group were catalogued and formed a corpus. The findings call attention to a potential public health problem and provide backing for understanding facilitators and barriers to the use of Pr EP in Brazil through the identification of health-promoting content linked to individual, social, and institutional markers.

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To assess the perinatal and infant mortality in this population of 40, we have collected over a 2-year period a consecutive series of 39 autopsy examinations on deaths under 1 year of age. During this period there were live births in the study population. The 14 perinatal deaths are described using the Wrigglesworth classification, and the 25 infant deaths, using a clinicopathological system.

Prenatal care could theoretically have prevented three of the perinatal deaths, and a further six deaths could have been avoided by improved management of labor and the immediate neonatal period. Prevention of malnutrition and improved treatment of acute infections would contribute to a reduction in infant mortality in this population.

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Numerous studies and reports indicate that the indoor radon inhalation by humans has to be considered as the main source of radiological hazard and probably the second most important cause of lung cancer after that of smoking. For this purpose, 50 Lexan track detectors were exposed in the air indoormore ยป as well as outdoor during two months June and July within the central region of Curitiba and Campo Largo Parana St.

Since this period of the year is usually rather cold in the South of Brazilexposition time was chosen to prevent possible saturation of alpha tracks. The second step of measurements was performed during the months of November, December and January, when 50 Lexan Local Sluts Naguabo PR detectors were exposed in the air indoor and outdoor within the same urban area.

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Achieved are being compared with other experimental data. During the last decades, many countries have put considerable efforts into direct measurements and monitoring of Rn and its progeny exposure, as well as Rn concentration mapping. Present measurements were performed with an aim to study possible correlation between used construction materials and Rn indoor concentration levels. For this purpose, 50 Lexan track detectors were exposed in the air indoor as well as outdoor during two months June and July within the central region of Curitiba and Campo Largo Parana St.

Awareness was Local Sluts Naguabo PR by Most participants Pr EP information is need among young and less educated individuals. Willingness to use Pr EP was high and future studies should be conducted to confirm Pr EP acceptability and the characteristics of the population who chose to adopt this intervention.

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A school-based oral health educational program: the experience of Maringa- PRBrazil. The main purpose of this study was to evaluate the preliminary of a school-based oral health educational strategy adopted in public primary schools from the city of Maringa, State of Parana, Brazil.

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The study sample was composed by children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 years old, schoolteachers and a group of 55 mothers. The educational approach was implemented for 18 months and consisted of reinforcements of interventions addressed to students and schoolteachers at school level and few activities targeted at the mothers, performed by means of home visits. Baseline and follow-up interviews focused on oral health care were undertaken for the entire study population.

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As a stimulus for the students to achieve proper oral hygiene habits, the simplified oral hygiene index was assessed at three different moments. The influence of posters was statistically ificant on the frequency of hand-washing by physicians, trained-nurses and laboratory technicians, but not in respect to physical-therapists, or blood-bank and X-ray technicians.

The aim of the present study was to investigate the association between participant and parental educational status considered as an indicator of socioeconomic status and participant pattern of weight gain in adulthood. Self-administered questionnaires were used to identify patterns of weight gain in adulthood.

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The association between participant educational status and weight history was not statistically ificant among men. In this study, changes in weight throughout life, both steady and cyclic, were associated with parental and participant educational status, with major differences between genders. Physical activity and screen time in children and adolescents in a medium size town in the South of Brazil.

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To analyze the associations between sex and age with behaviour related to physical activity practice and sedentary behaviour in children and adolescents. A cross-sectional study with boys subjects enrolled in a public school in the city of Londrinain the south of Brazilaged years.

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Measures of physical activity, sports practice and screen times were obtained using the Physical Activity Questionnaire for Older Children. The Mann-Whitney U test was used to compare variables between boys and girls. The Chi squared test was used for categorical analysis and Poisson regression was used to identify prevalence.

Girls Older students aged showed a higher prevalence of physical inactivity The prevalence of physical inactivity was higher in girls. Older students spent more screen time in comparison to younger students.

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Publicado por Elsevier Editora Ltda. All rights reserved. Attention in this discussion of Brazil focuses: the history of the country's demographic situation; government's overall approach to population problems; population data systems and development planning; institutional arrangements for the integration of population within development planning; government's view of the importance of population policy in achieving development objectives; population size, growth, and natural increase; fertility; international migration; and spatial distribution.

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The government has not adopted an explicit policy to modify fertility or population growth. Initially this was because of its positive perception of the benefits of population growth and a large population size and, amore recently, because of Brazil 's gradual transition to more moderate levels of fertility and population growth. Brazil 's main sources of demographic data are its 9 censuses, conducted in,, and most recently in August A nationwide system of vital registration data are still lacking in many geographic areas, researchers Local Sluts Naguabo PR had to rely on indirect estimation techniques to derive estimates of past trends in fertility and mortality.

Population policy has been regarded as a highly sensitive issue by Brazilian officials, and the government remains cautious in regard to population issues. Preliminary of Brazil 's census indicate a population of million and an annual rate of population growth of 2.

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The government considers levels and trends of population growth to be satisfactory, and morbidity and mortality to be unacceptable, partly because of a lack of success in reducing the incidence of. The A. The lesions, on its histologic pattern are comparable to those observed in the lung of coal and iron mines workers as described in the consulted literature.

The cases studied plantations workers and dwellers at rural and suburban areas are proceeding from an essencially agricultural region, without detectable polluition by industry or others known factors. This agricultural zone presents some geophysic peculiarities and dust from the errosive soil, is a constant factor in the local athmosphere. The soil is so called "Terra Roxa" red soil and in its physicochemical composition there is a great amount of iron oxides, silica silt, agril laceous materialaluminium, manganese, organic compounds.

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In this preliminary report the A. Background For transfusion purposes, blood donors must be accepted both in clinical and serological evaluations and must not have excluded their own donation using the confidential unit exclusion. Aim The objective of this study was to verify whether blood donors who choose self exclusion are more likely to be positive in serological tests than donors who do not.

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